Executive Coaching

Effective Executive Coaching – “Someone from outside an organization uses psychological skills to help a person develop into a more effective leader. These skills are applied to specific present-moment work problems in a way that enables this person to incorporate them into his/her permanent management or leadership repertoire.”

Bruce Peltier, Ph.D.,M.B.A., The Psychology of Executive Coaching – Theory and Application, 2001, Taylor and Francis Group

“I’ve been a client of Bill Blalock for two years. If you are approaching a period of change in your career, I highly recommend that you give him a call. Bill led me through a process that was both reflective and practical. The result has been a high degree of clarity and progress toward my long-term career goals. We covered a range of topics; from resume structure and content, to reassessing life goals. Bill’s style suited my needs very well. He is genial, yet stays focused and uses your time as if it were his own. He provides a safe sounding board to explore alternatives. I’ve been in the workforce for 30 years. Bill’s insight into my own personality and the facts-of-life inside large corporations, have been tremendously helpful. I wish I had found him sooner!”
Real Estate Executive, Dallas, TX

The Focus

Primary areas of focus are professionals that [1] are not contributing value as in the past, [2] need to improve communication and project management skills, [3] need to improve interpersonal skills in a diverse and decentralized or centralized environment, [4] need to adapt to change management and globalization initiatives, [5] provide senior leadership team members additional insight and [6] provides “bench strength” and future leadership for the company.

“There are crucial times in one’s career when expert coaching and assistance will yield extraordinary returns. That’s been my experience lately. Bill provided a different insight into my companies operations and as a result we are experiencing substantial growth and development of my leadership team”
Sr. Executive, Dallas Texas

The Challenge

  • Developing a cadre of talent capable of giving growth
  • Implementing a performance management process that “works” across the enterprise
  • Retaining high-potential talent
  • Developing and implementing talent-management policies and practices that address group, business and regional priorities
  • Developing a cadre of talent capable of driving strategic and cultural change

“A colleague referred me to Bill. Today I regard him as our ‘secret weapon’ in the competitive business we are in. His insight and use of assessment tools have raised the bar within my management team. Retaining an executive coach was a step in the right direction.”
President, Marketing & Communications Company, Dallas, TX

Developing Leadership

In developing leadership qualities for his clients, Bill draws primarily on insights from appreciative processes, the social sciences and emotional intelligence research. He partners with clients to help them take responsibility for creating personal, social, and organizational behaviors that are both productive and meaningful while supporting organizational and societal goals. He supports clients in developing self-awareness, living their personal mission, aligning intentions and behaviors, building habits that reinforce what they want, and building relationships, networks, and structures to align with that growth.

“As the President of my company, the most beneficial aspect of having a coach is having someone very interested in my professional development who is completely detached from my personal and professional relationships”
President, Fortune 1000 Company

The Professional Relationship

Colleagues referred for professional coaching will execute their own confidentiality agreement. There will be no disclosure of information to the client company, unless the colleague signs a release or as a part of the engagement, certain colleagues are included in the coaching engagement and the scope is clearly defined.

Services are provided either on an annual retainer basis or by each contract engagement. The scope of each engagement is clearly defined with specific milestones identified.

Assessment tools will be utilized as a part of the coaching process. Assessments may include:

Training programs are also provided. Bill Blalock will provide training programs using either client proprietary material or custom content developed by Bill Blalock for the client. Fee for training sessions is $2,500 per session for up to 20 persons in attendance. Each session will not be longer than 4 hours in duration.

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